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DSIP (delta sleep-inducing peptide) is a naturally occurring peptide that is found in the brain and has been shown to have sleep-promoting and anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) effects in animals. DSIP has been studied for its potential use in the treatment of various conditions, including insomnia, anxiety, and depression. However, the potential applications of DSIP have not been extensively researched in humans, and it is not currently approved for use as a therapeutic agent.

Delta-sleep-inducing peptide is a neuropeptide that affects a number of endocrine and physiological processes within the central nervous system. DSIP is of primary interest for its abilities to reduce oxidative stress, normalize myocardial contractility. It is also being studied as a potential target in the treatment of major depressive disorder.

It is important to note that DSIP is an experimental compound and should not be used as a substitute for proven medical therapies. Further research is needed to determine the safety and effectiveness of DSIP as a treatment for any medical condition.

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Chemical Formula: C35H48N10O15
Molecular Mass: 848.82
Synonyms: Deltaran, Emideltide
CAS Number: 62253-63-8
PubChem: 4380
Total Amount of the Active Ingredient: 5mg
Shelf Life: 36 months

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Peer-Reviewed Studies

Effects of DSIP in Man

Animal experiments confirmed the neuropeptide nature of delta-sleep-inducing-peptide (DSIP) and a species-specific sleep promotion. Five different human studies were carried out with single and repeated intravenous injections of DSIP under double-blind conditions, and with assessing treatment effects by psychophysiological tests and polygraphic recordings. Compatibility of DSIP was good. Slow injection proved essential. A latency of sleep induction of 1 h, but a duration of up to 20 h was found. The somnogenic properties, initially proven in animal studies, were confirmed. Indications of specific effects on chronobiological regulations were found. A complete normalization of disturbed sleep was achieved by four consecutive injections to insomniacs. During the active awake state, DSIP induced higher alertness and better performance. Psychological tests and evaluation by psychotherapists indicated modulation of ego functions by DSIP in the direction of improved stress tolerance and coping ability. The various actions of DSIP might be conceptualized neurophysiologically on the level of ‘programming’ behavior by means of changing ‘local vigilances’. Whereas the somnogenic actions of DSIP appear promising for treating insomnia, other therapeutic perspectives in the field of psychiatry have to be explored.

DSIP–a tool for investigating the sleep onset mechanism: a review

Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide (DSIP) has several physiological effects in addition to its ability to promote sleep in animals under certain conditions. These effects include modification in thermoregulation, heart rate, blood pressure, pain threshold, and in the lymphokine system. DSIP effects are circadian cycle-dependent. Moreover, some of DSIP effects appear before neurological or behavioral signs of sleep. DSIP may promote peripheral preparatory physiological mechanisms associated with sleep onset.

DSIP in the treatment of withdrawal syndromes from alcohol and opiates

The hypothesis for this therapeutic use of delta sleep-inducing peptide (DSIP) was based on several animal studies conducted by Tissot. He showed that morphine, alcohol, pentobarbital as well as DSIP, when injected directly into the bulbo-mesencephalo-thalamic recruiting system, induced slow-wave sleep with numerous spindles. In all cases, this effect was reversed by Naloxone. Thus, it has been postulated that DSIP possesses an agonistic activity on opiate receptors and might be of value in the treatment of withdrawal syndromes. Therefore, DSIP was administered intravenously to 107 inpatients presenting with symptoms of alcohol (n = 47) or opiate (n = 60) withdrawal. The assessment of effect was based on the clinical evaluation by the physician and the nursing staff. Approximately 13% of the patients from the first and 22% from the second group did not fulfil the requirements for the evaluation of treatment. In, respectively, 97 and 87% of opiate and alcohol addicts, the clinical symptoms and signs disappeared after DSIP administration or improved markedly and rapidly. Anxiety, however, was slower to decrease. On the average, the clinical symptomatology had a more prolonged course and a higher number of DSIP injections were required for opiate addicts than for alcoholics. Tolerance to the DSIP treatment was good, aside from headaches reported by a few patients.




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